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It’s not just delivery motorbikes that cause pollution

09 March, 2018

• I SHARE your correspondent Antony Porter’s concerns about low-level pollution from motorcycle deliveries affecting our air and would offer the following, (Deliver us from bad air, November 3 2017).

I do not dispute that low-lying pollution may be due to our modern transport. However I would also put money on it that climate change, or “bad air”, as your correspondent describes it, is due to high-level fall-out from nuclear testing debris in the atmosphere in the 1950s and 1960s that is gradually falling to ground level.

What springs to mind is: misleading information we receive; duplicitous assumptions; unsustainable evidence concerning solutions; high altitude depletion of oxygen; political cover-ups; disconnecting from “air pollution” as cause of climate change; and a need to reconnect.

I am old enough to remember the “hole-in-the-ozone-layer” scare some years ago, when everyone was being asked to not use fridges or aerosol sprays for weeks.

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