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It’s no dogs allowed! (or you’ll get a biff from the Cola the cat)

Corner shop cat has sparked dog vs cat debate

08 October, 2021 — By Helen Chapman


A SHOP OWNER says he is getting abuse for banning dogs – but says the measure has to be put in place to protect them from his cat.

Cola the cat has sparked a familiar “dog vs cat” debate – what’s better? – at My Local Food and Wine shop in Liverpool Road due to her aggressive nature towards anything canine.

Despite her small stature, she is known to attack dogs while customers shop. Manager Vince Aronica said: “She’s had kittens recently and she is very protective. When people pass by with dogs, especially big dogs, she might attack them.

“I’ve put signs up saying ‘no dogs allowed’ to warn people but some have taken offence.”

He added: “We have had people running because their dogs are scared of her.”

Cola, who is three years old, had five kittens in June. Vin Cass, a customer who lives nearby and is a cat fan, said: “This cat has a policy of saying no dogs allowed in the shop and will attack a dog if an owner leaves their dog outside or tries to bring it in.”

My Local Food and Wine in Liverpool Road

He added: “Some people on Next Door app have taken to posting about the cat – and the dangers it brings to the community.

“It’s strange some people are demonising this sweet little cat.

“She’s got this feisty attitude and has this fearless attitude towards dogs and is liberal with her fists. But she is so innocent really. She wears a little bow tie.”

When the Tribune called in this week, a young boy with his mother stopped by the shop to check if the cat was around to say hello and she is a celebrity among neighbours who prefer cats to dogs.

“We have got the schools nearby and they all come down and get off the bus to say hello,” said Mr Aronica.

Mr Cass said: “I love to give her a stroke whenever I walk in the shop. She runs up to me, she knows me and she’s an adorable little thing. But it’s like she has to do this role as a guard cat to keep the dogs out and keep the mice down – she’s got her fists full.”

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