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It’s been a planned and progressive power-grab from Europe

23 August, 2019

• DAVID Bieda (The oath of allegiance has not been ‘subordinated’, August 16) takes me to task about my views on those advocating our stay in the European Union.

I can do no better than refer him to the letter from Paul Bonny (I’m not turning my back on Europe or its peoples, just the EU, August 16), which contains much that concerns my own position.

Certainly, the overriding problem has been the ongoing actions of successive occupants of parliament in placing the country in the grip of what has been a planned progressive power-grab of national powers – with this proud freedom-loving country becoming a yellow star on someone else’s made-up flag.

I am old enough to recall that when Edward Heath was warned (by Geoffrey Rippon) that if the public knew what was planned they would never agree, he responded by saying that they wouldn’t be told.

It was a decision that has come to haunt the Tories (supposedly the party of “middle England” and the British way) right up to the present day.

It is a fact that at no time when signing up to successive treaties that bound this country ever closer to the various evolutions of “the project” was such a momentous change in its long history ever put to the people for their mandate; until pressure from the emergent United Kingdom Independence Party brought about the referendum result that saw a distinct majority vote to leave, despite those decades referred to by Mr Bieda that have passed since its manifestation as the “Common Market”, reminding me of a bait dangled from a concealed political hook!

Like Mr Bonny, I am happy to embrace the countries and peoples of Europe – but not the empirical enterprise that is the EU.

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