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It could get bumpier on the buses!

04 July, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler www.johnsadlerillustration.com

• PHILIP Webster wrote that the back door and stairs on the so-called Boris bus are to be sealed off to prevent fare evasion, (The Boris buses have left a lasting legacy, June 27).

Now, there’s a lot wrong with the new bus (and the designer, Thomas Heatherwick, should be condemned along with Boris Johnson).

Apart from stuffiness, the mean little windows on the top deck have destroyed the pleasure the big windows on older models gave; and it has a fairly uncomfortable, bumpy ride as it trundles along.

But one improvement was two doors for boarding and alighting, and two sets of stairs. Doing away with this will make getting on and off less convenient and lead to congestion both inside the bus and at bus stops.

If there really is a problem with fare evasion, the obvious optimal solution would be to restore conductors, who could also do useful things like helping frail or disabled passengers, making journeys better for passengers.

But apparently Transport for London have chosen an option that will make it worse for passengers.

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