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Instead of the Tories crushing Labour…

05 January, 2018

• TORY MP Nigel Evans, June 9 2017: “We didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot, we shot ourselves in the head.”

As the author of The Socialist League in the 1930s (Labour Left then), I have been delighted by Jeremy Corbyn talking in moral terms about right and wrong, calm but passionate, plain-spoken, moral, socialist terms about fundamental conditions in the UK.

His message is coherent: Be yourself. Don’t dissemble. However you are appallingly demonised, treat the predominantly reactionary media rituals with a gentle detachment and mockery, which chimes with how the UK majority actually think. What’s wrong? We all know, lack of affordable housing, crisis-ridden hospitals, profiteering train companies, foodbanks etc.

David Davis was the cabinet minister who pushed Theresa May the hardest for the June election, ostensibly to crush the Labour Party and democratic account­ability. The Tories were shot in the head by the young. Our future. The socialist perspective is about the many not the few. Haven’t felt so enthralled since the 1960s.

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