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I’m sick and tired reading accusations about Israel

23 November, 2017

• I AM sick and tired reading, week after week, letters published in the New Journal accusing Israel of being a terrorist state and, more recently, upholding the opinions of Professor Moshé Machover and Ken Livingstone that leading Jews “collaborated pre-war with the Nazis” and that they were supporters of the “Zionist ideal”.

It is sad that there is a rise of anti-Semitism in Britain today, particularly in our university system.

Statements like “historical fact” are, of course, complete twaddle. Anyone who studies history knows very well that there is a wide spectrum of opinion and interpretation of so-called facts.

In the past most of those with anti-Semitic views came from the “hard right”, but sadly there is a trend particularly within the “hard left” / Marxists to move in the same direction.

I come from a family of assimilated Jews who were not religious. In my case I am agnostic. I am not a member of any Zionist organisation and I have travelled on business in both Muslim and Arab countries as well as Israel.

And I am well aware of the complexity of the real politics in the Middle East.

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