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I’m seeing red over the change in colour of a Soho post box

07 September, 2018

• I AM seeing red over the rainbow-coloured post box on the corner of Soho’s Dean Street and Old Compton Street having been repainted a standard Royal Mail red.

For those who don’t know, the post box was painted in the colours of the LGBT+ rainbow flag for this year’s Pride celebrations, and has since become something of a photo opp in the heart of London’s gay village.

It was supposed to represent the Royal Mail’s continuing support of the LGBT+ community which, along with other communities, has done so much for Soho. But, hey, Pride is over now until next year, and there’s no longer any PR value in rainbow colours so let’s go back to basic red.

Support for LGBT+ Pride, especially in Soho, shouldn’t be a corporate marketing tool for a couple of months. It should be all year long.



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