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I’m in the Poch Out brigade

OPINION: Amazingly, some Spurs fans – who just three months ago were dewy-eyed about reaching the Champions League final – are saying their manager must go

26 September, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino

OHHH, the hokey-Pochy has started.

After losing to Colchester United, a team let’s remind ourselves for completeness who play in the bottom league, you are either “Poch In” or “Poch Out” when it comes to Spurs.

Shake it all about as much as you like, but I’m very much in the Poch Out Brigade.

Mauricio Pochettino is clearly the best manager Tottenham have had since… who? I dunno. Venables? And it’s not good for the natural order in north London that Spurs have a chief who half knows what he’s doing. The world is in such a flux right now, it’s a time of chaos and challenge; we must get back to settled ways and having Tottenham playing reasonably well only adds to the uncertainty.

Amazingly, though, we now have some of the deluded Spurs fans, who just three months ago were dewy-eyed about reaching the Champions League final, saying Poch must go. Poch Out was trending on social media as the critics grew louder.

What rascals.

Did they not see how many managers the master strategist upstairs at White Hart Lane, Daniel Levy, burned through before finding him? About 20. Given that, Levy has a one in 20 chance of stumbling across another good manager. His bemusing recruitment policy saw Jacques Santini, Juande Ramos, Andre Villas-Boas and others appointed.

You even had Tim Sherwood at one stage. Not for long enough, sadly.

I’d be Sherwood In forever. Which one of these old bosses would Poch Out fans want to go back to?

Now I am willing to accept that it is a little curious that Tottenham have actively decided to decorate their new stadium with a blue and white banner that reads “the game is about glory”, given the most glory they’ve had in the internet age was the 30 seconds they weren’t behind to Liverpool in a Champions League final. They want trophies, it’s understandable. You have to go back to 1991 to find them winning anything meaningful in the record books.

But Spurs friends, you were in the Champions League final earlier this year. He took you there, drawing the best out of a collection of players who probably thought they would never play in the continent’s biggest match.

Yes, folks, Kieran Trippier played in a Champions League final. It’s as fantastical as the idea that Emmanuel Eboue did.

And it’s not just the players. After years and years and years and years of underachievement, Spurs fans surely could never have imagined that they would be there as supporters.

Step back, take stock, understand how it works. Delete your Twitter accounts.

Under Poch’s control, Spurs have even occasionally beaten Arsenal. For that reason alone, I’m solidly Poch Out.


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