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If you can’t stand the beat, get out of the kitchen!

The Rupert Street restaurant where drumming head chef serves up glorious entertainment

10 November, 2017

Tomer Amedi in the Palomar kitchen

THE cult of the chef is a modern trend that some restaurant critics say is just a marketing trick to tap into the contemporary love of the celebrity and our wish to create been-there, done-that bucket lists to share on social media.

But Palomar, the restaurant in Rupert Street that brings the West End a sunshine taste of Israeli food, makes no song and dance about the staff.

Instead it simply lets the food do the talking.

Perhaps they should do both.

Diary recommends you take a seat at the bar of Palomar, order everything – the menu is nothing short of a celebration of the tastebud – and then kick back and watch head chef Tomer Amedi do his thing.

You won’t find a better food experience in London, but what is doubly fun is the fact Amedi and his crew don’t just create yumminess, but have a lot of fun while they are doing so.

The brains behind the operation are siblings Zoe and Layo Paskin. They also ran the much-missed The End nightclub, and this restaurant feels like a natural extension of a place that made its mark on London’s entertainment scene.

Amedi is not just a supremely skilled chef, he is also glorious entertainment. As he is cooking up your treats, he will grab a pair of drum sticks and suddenly the open plan kitchen becomes a drum kit.

He wallops out a rhythm on pots, pans, stoves, Tupperware and all in between. Success breeds success and Diary is chuffed to know their second restaurant, The Barbary, in Covent Garden, is just as good, and they have also opened a place called Jacob The Angel in Neal’s Yard.

Hurray for Amedi, hurray for the Palomar, hurray for Zoe and Layo and hurray for all who make it a landmark.


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