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I used to live on the Little Venice estate and we were lucky – but next time?

07 July, 2017

Little Venice’s Brinklow House, one of six blocks where cladding has been checked

• IN regards to the Little Venice estate towers – I used to live there till June 2017 – there was a meeting with the residents last week at Warwick Estate hall, where the councillors told them the cladding was not quite the same as Grenfell Tower’s.

But no! The cladding cannot come down yet. It will take three or four years because of the scaffolding, there was none available in Westminster.

Meanwhile on this estate I have just moved to, along with all the problems (due to the bad management of CityWest Homes – have you ever heard of laying lino on top of carpet?), here we have one block with scaffolding and workmen, four without workmen on site, and the work is running late due to the fact they have to redo it. This makes no sense.

Now! Brinklow House had a fire on the 19th floor in 2014 (just after Christmas). Before that Polesworth House had two gas leaks. Thank goodness for the concierge who still lives nearby.

I had asked for a fire drill to be put in place at that time. The fire was a mess, with people walking in the car park and the street. The police even stopped a bus and got some folk to sit in that. At 2am some of us on the west side of the block went on sleeping (thinking it was yobs under the motorway).

We were lucky. But next time?

Charlwood House,
Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1


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