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I shall fight for my tenancy Boris Johnson

18 February, 2021

• I WAS delighted to read the views from the London Tenants Federation, (An invitation to tenants, a Zoom meeting about estate demolition, January 29).

I live in the Church Street estates demolition (regeneration) area, have a secure life-long tenancy and have lived happily in my social housing dwelling for more than 30 years; and as it is for life I intend it to be so.

If they come for me – and there is no indiction as yet – I shall simply inform my lawyer to get me my tax back and take the government to court for a breach of a (vulnerable) British citizen’s right of abode.

Our prime minister ought to understand: he will not breach my tenancy as he tried to breach the Brexit agreement. And he can leave his P45 at the House of Commons.



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