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I have grave concerns about the reopening of pubs

03 July, 2020

‘The Tory government would seem to be encouraging people to drink for Britain’

• I HAVE some grave concerns over the reopening of pubs tomorrow (Saturday).

The Tory government would seem to be encouraging people to hit the pubs this weekend and basically drink for Britain.

This will undoubtedly lead to large groups of boisterous and inebriated people drinking excessively on the streets and, due to the inadequate provision of lavatories, urinating on the pavements and on our front doorsteps.

It may also result in increased anti-social behaviour, including violence, resulting in pressure on already over-stretched NHS and police resources.

While we can criticise the Tories’ rhetoric and condemn them for not preaching restraint, it would be a mistake to think that councils are powerless to act to mitigate the effects.

The council should be, in the first instance, restricting the licensing hours to 11pm as well as limiting the number of people using a pub to prevent overcrowding and allow a modicum of social distancing.

They should also put up signage reminding drinkers that they should leave the premises quietly and ensure there is an adequate police presence to maintain the safety of both pub-goers and residents.

As yet I have neither heard nor seen any proposals that the council have for ensuring that this weekend (and beyond) does not become a dangerous fiasco. I hope (but doubt) they have a cunning plan.

Packington Street, N1


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