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I fear for the health implications of using storage heaters

24 November, 2017

• I LIVE in a housing association property and since I turned my storage heaters on I have been feeling unwell with a persistent cough.

I researched into what substance could be making me unwell and found out that iron oxide is used in the heating system. It is highly unstable and toxic when inhaled.

I’ve lost my sense of taste and my tongue is brown. My muscles feel weak and I feel fatigue. The oxygen in my body is being leached by the iron oxide. Now I have turned off both heaters and opened the windows to get more oxygen in the flat.

My ex-neighbour suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which affects the lungs. So did another man who died last year. Another neighbour died a sudden death and the woman next door died in her sleep. Another neighbour told me she was starting to have anger attacks that she couldn’t control.

Iron oxide particles end up in the brain. Research is showing that these heavy toxic metals degrade brain function and could cause Alzheimer’s. I’m shocked that we are slowly being poisoned.

I’ve sent an urgent email to the association to get advice and I’m going to look on the internet to see how I can detox naturally. I feel this is an urgent matter as it is potentially life-threatening. I think we should have an immediate investigation.



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