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Hygiene at the Moberly pool does not impress me

07 September, 2018

The Jubilee pool that was “destroyed” by Westminster City Council

• WESTMINSTER City Council’s posh new Moberly sports centre swimming pool is a replacement for the Jubilee pool that the council has destroyed.

I don’t think it meets the test in terms of even the most basic hygiene standards. Older people know that it’s an essential of swimming pool hygiene to clean off sweat and dirt and grime before entering the pool.

The PWTAG, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, code of practice reads: “Pool water quality would be significantly improved if everyone using the pool showered with soap before entering the pool. Pre-swim showers should be provided, maintained in good working condition and bathers directed to use them before using the pool.”

Not at the Moberly, in Chamberlayne Road! There’s a notice about maintaining “cleanliness” telling swimmers to use flip-flops or bare feet, so as not to carry dirt into the pool area. Nothing about showering before entering the pool. How are people to learn about hygiene when they are set such an inadequate example?

It causes me to wonder what other standards are not being met in the Moberly, and to question the levels of scrutiny and overall competence exhibited by the city council’s director of sport and leisure, the chief promoter of the Moberly.

Beethoven Street, W10


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