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Hundreds of cyclists to stage ‘national funeral’ outside Treasury

Stop Killing Cyclists demands £3billion a year for infrastructure

28 September, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Group will do a ‘die in’ protest after ride through central London  

HUNDREDS will ride behind a horse-drawn hearse through central London in a “national funeral” for dead cyclists.

The event on October 13 is being organised as a memorial and also as a protest at “decades of government failure”.

Several campaign groups are backing the National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist and Die-In meeting at Lincoln’s Inn Field, going to the Treasury in Birdcage Walk.

The protest is demanding that £3billion is invested each year on cycling infrastructure and that all three main political parties reverse commitments to “toxic fuel duty cuts”.

Co-organiser Donnachadh McCarthy from Stop Killing Cyclists said: “Britain is in the middle of a combined transport pollution, obesity, inactivity and climate crisis.

“If the government and opposition parties really care about solving these crises, then it is time they did more than talk and invested the £3billion a year needed to make our streets safe enough for eight-year- olds to 88-year-olds to cycle or walk on, rather than giving billions in tax cuts to those polluting  our kids’ lungs.” The protest will resemble a traditional funeral with assembly at Lincoln’s Inn Fields at noon and will follow a black, horse-drawn hearse carrying a coffin, symbolising – according to the campaigners – “millions of Britons suffering or dying from crashes, transport pollution and traffic- related inactivity diseases”.

The route will go down Kingsway and the Strand and then down Whitehall to end up outside the Treasury.

Cyclists will lie down outside the Treasury in a traditional die-in protest. Stop Killing Cyclists was founded to campaign for safer streets following the death of six cyclists in just a month in November 2013.

It has more than 7,000 members and has organised major protests in the past.

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