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Hundred up for Hunter

29 March, 2019 — By The Xtra Diary

 Hunter Davies 

OFF to the Groucho, don’t y’know, for a special party marking a special achievement by a special man.

Diary’s old pal Hunter Davies, novelist, biographer, journalist and general good egg, was there with a gaggle of mates, acquaintances and literary luvvies after a free drink, to celebrate the publication of his 100th book.

Yes, 100 books, quite an achievement. Hunter, you will recall, wrote the official biography of The Beatles. He penned the seminal The Glory Game about the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, worked at the Sunday Times and scribbled columns for Punch and the New Statesman, among other rags.

He has written widely on Cumbrian legends Alfred Wainwright and William Wordsworth (he was a Carlisle lad himself from the age of 11) and tons of other books in between.

His latest tome is Happy Old Me: How to Live Long and Really, Really Enjoy It, and is a cross between a memoir and a bit of advice.

He writes about a year in his life since his wife, the novelist Margaret Forster, died – they had been married for 55 years – and offers some wisdom about how to consider the past and look to the future.

The book’s promo blurb reads “Part memoir, part self-help, Happy Old Me is a fitting, heartfelt tribute to the love of his life and a surprisingly amusing and informative book about an age, and stage in life, which we might all reach someday. The third book in Hunter Davies’s much-loved memoir series, which includes The Co-Op’s Got Bananas and A Life in the Day.”

For us fans of all things Hunter, we are eagerly looking forward to settling down with his centurion work.

Here’s to another 100, Hunt.

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