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HS2 uses Brexit to hide what it’s up to

04 January, 2019

• WITH so many people calling publicly for HS2 to be scrapped, has anybody noticed how HS2 are suddenly rushing ahead with works, using the domination of Brexit in the headlines as a diversionary tactic to hide the mayhem and destruction they’re continuing to cause?

The irony and hypocrisy of HS2 is highlighted by the environment secretary, who has published an environmental report in which he talks of the need to address climate change, and how we must change how we use and manage our land; and protect and restore our carbon-rich natural habitats and the wildlife they support.

He adds: “Protecting our ancient woodlands and bringing more woodlands into active management will help to improve the resilience to climate change of the wildlife that inhabits our forests”.

Try telling that to the people who’ve helplessly had to witness the destruction and mass deforestation of England by HS2 and are now being choked by toxic pollution, and forced to live on massive building sites for the next 17 years, with no trees, parks or open spaces (all land-grabbed by HS2) for their communities and children to breathe clean air in.

He also says that “protecting and restoring nature is essential for securing genuinely sustainable development”. This must surely be a joke, and one giant experiment with our health and survival as a species.

Don’t HS2 understand that people are already feeling sick from the pollution which HS2 are adding to, and are going to start dropping like ninepins? And it is the government itself that is contributing to climate change through its company, HS2.

This environmental statement is a farce, when on the one hand they want to accelerate woodland creation yet on the other they carry out mass deforestation and destruction. The environment secretary recently himself floated the idea that HS2 should be scrapped.

So, armed with the knowledge he now has, why doesn’t he have the courage of his own convictions and put us all out of this misery, and hell on Earth?

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