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HS2 closing Eversholt Street will strand hundreds of residents

28 February, 2019

‘Hundreds of real residents will become real prisoners in Somers Town, all courtesy of HS2’

• I WENT to an HS2 meeting in Somers Town last week, mostly regarding the intended closure of Eversholt Street from May to December so that lots of lovely HS2 infrastructure work can be done.

It was pointed out to HS2 that the street is the only public transport bus link between Somers Town and Camden and its closure will strand hundreds of residents. The response? Catch a bus from Euston from where diversionary buses will run.

If you are aged, disabled, pregnant, or simply annoyed by being forced to walk to Euston, unlucky you, because the nice people from HS2 had not even considered the effects of removing the buses. That was entirely clear from their response which was a sort muttered “we’ll look into it”.

The real transport needs of real residents had simply not crossed their minds. Meanwhile we hundreds of real residents, with our pesky disabilities and children and grandparents and shopping, will become real prisoners in Somers Town, all courtesy of HS2.

The benefit to Somers Town of all this? Don’t be daft. And this is only the start of this grotesque land-grab.

Somers Town


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