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HS2 and Euston, a possible solution

14 March, 2019

• HOW will they bring HS2 into Euston? our MP Sir Keir Starmer asks (Forum, February 28), pointing also to the increasing unlikelihood of its being completed within budget.

And how will passengers of quarter-mile long trains arriving and leaving every few minutes affect congestion in the Underground and buses serving Euston?

The answer to both questions that any transport planner may give is to take HS2 instead into the nearby existing HS1 line towards Stratford, Ebbsfleet, Ashford and continental Europe.

This provides a new link from the midlands and north and over distances where the high speed is meaningful.

It relieves congestion caused by passengers crossing central London, it saves the costs of doubling up Euston station and of relocating the Maria Fidelis school.

It releases again lands locally for affordable housing and for replacing the already lost open space and children’s playground of St James Gardens.

Euston Street, NW1


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