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How the Labour leadership was undermined

07 February, 2020

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• HEARTFELT thanks to Selma James and Michael Kalmanovitz for their courageous appraisal of the hypocrisy surrounding accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, (We must remember all victims of the Nazis, January 30).

Of course, threatened by the potentials of socialism, those in influential places, along with much of the media, and encouraged by the right wing of the Labour Party, worked “unpaid overtime” in their attempts to undermine and destabilise the Labour leadership; and yes the contradictions of Brexit turned out to be a major implement in their overall armoury.

Jeremy Corbyn withstood four relentless years of a craven and unprecedented witch-hunt conducted to destroy his reputation and credibility. What it didn’t and couldn’t destroy however was his dignity or his principles.

The party manifesto was and remains visionary: those of us who hoped and longed for something better were left heartbroken by the election results; but the party still has the potential to build on its great achievements and its honourable intentions.

The crises of climate change are not just going to go away. Tragically, neither will genocide, and I wholeheartedly echo the cri de coeur: Never again – for anyone.

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