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How long can Jeremy Corbyn’s reticence last?

22 November, 2018

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• HOT on the heels of the decision of the Camden Council to back a people’s vote, the resignation of Camden resident, Jo Johnson MP, gives added impetus to the campaign.

There are now at least a dozen Tory MPs who have indicated their support, and Johnson’s example may well be followed by others.

This could prove the tipping point for achieving a parliamentary majority, as virtually all of the non-Labour members of the house (with the possible exception of the DUP) are already onside.

Now it is up to the Labour Party. It is an open secret that it is only the reticence of Jeremy Corbyn which has held the party back. Perhaps his position is softening.

On Sunday, in words reminiscent of St Augustine, he said in an interview that a referendum “is an option for the future but not today”.

Yet the members of his ‘supporters’ club’, Momentum, have recently voted 92 per cent in favour in a postal ballot. How much longer can he hold out?

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