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Housing association must sort out the problem of empty homes

27 February, 2017

• YOU would think that housing associations would know better but Genesis HA have a little short of 1,000 empties as we speak.

They won’t admit to this but their current accounts report a void level of 2.7 per cent and that they have 34,000 homes.

The new chair of Genesis, Dipesh Shah, has a strong reputation in commerce and industry, as any Google search will reveal.

He needs to make time to communicate with all involved to find out why this sort of thing happens, the waste at every level, jobs taking three visits, massive staff turnover, and more.

Only then will Mr Shah be able to open up these empties, free up the £5million that they cost him, house an extra 1,000 people, and avoid the possibility of a massive government tax on void properties which should be lurking in the wings.

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