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Hero cop tackles ‘gunman’ at hospital

PC Stevie Bull is praised for her bravery after wrestling man with pistol to the ground

30 March, 2018 — By Emily Finch

A FEMALE police officer who threw herself in front of a suspected gunman to protect hospital staff says she was “just doing her job”.

PC Stevie Bull, a police officer for St Peter’s Ward, wrestled a man to the ground after she was was alerted to a serious incident over the tannoy system at University College Hospital on Friday.

Speaking to the Tribune, the 27-year-old said: “I was at the hospital for a different matter and I was on my own. I just heard a call for security and they went past me, but I didn’t know the area they were called to. I also heard a message over my personal radio, we don’t get good signal there, but I heard ‘UCH’.”

PC Bull was told by hospital staff that the two security guards had run in the wrong direction and was pointed to another set of doors. She rushed through the correct doors where she met a man brandishing what looked like a handgun in front of terrified doctors and nurses.

“My instinct and adrenaline kicked in after I saw the risk to the public,” she said.

After the man refused to let go of the gun,

PC Bull tackled him and tried to pull the gun from his hands but was pushed away.

She said: “He smashed my head and neck into the wall, I think I bounced off it and back onto him. I’ve had a few days of achey muscles.”

PC Bull then managed to wrestle him to the floor with the help of the two security guards who had arrived at the scene alongside hospital staff.

She took the gun – which later turned out to be a starter pistol – away from the man.

PC Bull added: “It could have been a real gun, it looked like a real gun and I treated it like a real gun. I’d do the same tomorrow and many of my colleagues would have done the same thing as well. I was just doing my job.”

PC Bull’s line manager, Sergeant Chris Couling, said: “I think she’s been incredibly brave. Having seen a photo of the gun you wouldn’t know it was a starter pistol. I am incredibly proud of her.”


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