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Help make London more autism-friendly

14 April, 2017

• MORE than one in 100 people are autistic and many autistic people live in London. But they’re not getting the understanding they need.

Only 16 per cent of autistic people feel the public understands them. In particular 77 per cent say that people don’t understand that autistic people can need more time to process questions or instructions.

This can make simple things like going to the shops or using public transport extra daunting. It’s important because it’s similar to depression and anxiety.

Encouragingly recent research from the National Autistic Society found that 80 per cent of the general public would be happy to change their behaviour to give autistic people more time to process information, if only they knew they needed it.

Giving people more time, using clear language, and being more patient can make the world of difference to the lives of many autistic people. So I’m asking people in London to join me as part of the National Autistic Society’s Too Much Information campaign to make these small changes to make our community more autism-friendly.

Anyone who wants to learn more can find out more top tips for autism-friendly behaviour at www.autism.org.uk/tmi

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