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Heads only exclude pupils with reluctance

28 March, 2019

• I WAS surprised reading the letter from Professor Ingrid Schoon and Professor John Bynner suggesting a lack of rigour in the way school exclusions are handled in the context of their impact on knife crime, (There are serious lessons to be learned in combating knife crime, March 21).

In the 20-plus years, with three different heads, that I have been a governor at a Camden secondary, I have sat on many of the governor exclusion panels required to endorse the head’s decision to exclude. I have never seen the slightest hint that these have been actioned to improve school exam results; heads only exclude with great reluctance.

In my experience, meetings are well structured, allowing the student and parents (supported if so requested by interpreters and advocates) to explain their case and with extensive background material provided to governors by the school; they can take two hours plus and in every case parents’/ guardians’ rights to appeal are carefully explained and, as appropriate, taken up on.

Highgate West Hill, N6


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