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Hamilton play blasted by Donald Trump arrives in the West End

Hamilton's witticisms 'relatable' to modern day audience

24 November, 2017 — By The Xtra Diary

‘Hot right now’: Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull. Image: Wikimedia Commons, Courtesy of Yale University, New Haven, Conn PD-US

“’TIS my maxim to let the naked truth speak for itself, and if men won’t listen to it, ’tis their own fault; they must be contented to suffer for it,” said Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in one of his many, many, homilies that are finding a fresh audience 200 years after his death.

Hamilton – The Musical, you may recall, did fantastic box office in New York. And not only did it pack out the pews, it got royally up the nose of the current POTUS.

Now it transfers to the West End and as Londoners get the chance to both learn what the fuss is all about in terms of a theatre show that has captivated America and earned the wrath of Donald Trump and his team, there is a biography too. Written by Jeff Wilser, Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life combines both biography and social history with so every modern sounding mantras to help us lead a better life.

Donald Trump

“Hamilton is hot right now,” says Wisler. “The top three reasons for his renaissance are of course the following: the musical, the musical and the musical. And as the musical comes to London, it’s a good time to remember that writer Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius in the truest sense of the word and we are all in his debt. Yet I suggest that there’s something else that accounts for Hamilton fever – and that is the man himself.”

Wilser says Hamilton (1757-1804) comes over as “relatable” and in no small part to his sound-bite witticisms.

“In one collection of his essays, he used the word  ‘maxim’ 209 times – he clearly put real thought into his personal code of conduct,” he adds.

We are treated to such homilies as “It is a maxim of my life to enjoy the present good with the highest relish, and to soften the present evil by a hope of future good.”

So look out for the musical and the Guide to Life (Souvenir Press).


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