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Grosvenor’s PR is staggering

23 August, 2019

Cundy Street estate

• JUSTIFYING the destruction of the Cundy Street estate by claiming that they will be “…enhancing green space that is open to the entire community, not just the residents, as is the case now”, [fingertip-on-lips, incline head, bat eyelashes] is a staggeringly creepy piece of work from the Grosvenor Group’s PR department given that what they actually intend to do is remove the community altogether, (Duke row campaigners: ‘Save our buildings and our gardens’, August 16).

The majority of green space in an area like Belgravia consists of private squares which are only ever open to the residents (on the rare occasions that they are around) and I am sure that they fully intend to keep it that way.

This part of London is obviously far too valuable to be wasted on ordinary people who actually live there and Grosvenor will not want to pass up the opportunity to add to its £12billion stash by creating the eye-wateringly expensive real estate needed as a conduit to siphon off some of the flood of money swilling through London at the moment courtesy of the international money-laundering community.

Global gangsters will park their cash from overseas and probably never set foot in the place, green spaces notwithstanding, as yet another corner of London is socially cleansed and turned into a ghost town.

Brewer Street, W1


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