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My GP practice is like Fort Knox

20 November, 2020

GPs failing to see us face to face is risky

• I AM sure I’m not alone in being unable to face to face with a GP.

I haven’t seen one since last year, am an OAP with several co-morbidities and my landline “consultation” a while back with someone (the cleaner?) ended in being told to buy a blood pressure monitor and chase up urgent cardio treatment myself.

My practice is like Fort Knox – no entry, draconian door notices, and interminable warnings on a loop if you ring them, telling you to wait for “an opening”, all costing pounds.

I give up. They are looking for new patients, yet the existing ones are pushed aside. I wonder how many sick people in the UK are mouldering away quietly or even dead in their houses?

Chairman of the Royal College of General Practioners, Professor Martin Marshall, is quoted in The Times of October 30, suggesting that GPs miss “soft signs” of illness in online checks.

He said: “There’s been a shift as the pandemic has moved through, we are hearing more from patients that don’t like, they feel they don’t get a proper assessment,” adding that doctors were “potentially taking risks by not seeing people face to face”.

I don’t e-consult (or even have a computer) as my GP’s message loop tells me to do.



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