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Good news from the London Assembly for cat owners

21 June, 2018

• THERE’S fantastic news for cat owners. On “dead cat scans” the London Assembly have just released this: www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/assembly/call-for-dead-cat-scans and we are thrilled at the pros­pect of this going ahead with support of the Mayor.

A motion read: “This assembly recognises the distress that can be caused to London’s cat owners if they are not informed of the death of their pets.

“We therefore call on the Mayor to lobby govern­ment to enact legislation that would require local authorities to ensure the mandatory scanning of all deceased cats is collected from the roadside.”

It also called on the mayor and assembly chair to write to councils to make sure street-cleaning teams treat all cats with respect and ensure microchips are checked when cats are found dead.

For too long cat owners have contacted us distraught that councils dispose of cats like rubbish, and we hope this unanimous vote signals the start of cats being treated with dignity in death, and owners being notified.



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