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Give people a vote on the final Brexit deal

21 June, 2018

• IN 2003 thousands of people from Camden travelled to central London to join a one-million people protest against the imminent Iraq war.

The war, sadly, did go ahead but the verdict now is that the million who marched were on the right side of history.

Eighteen years on and the thousands of Camden residents who voted by a margin of
three-to-one to remain in the European Union have the opportunity this Saturday, June 23, to call on the government to give the British people a vote on the terms of the Brexit deal.

Pro-European groups from across the country will converge on Pall Mall for a march to the Houses of Parliament.

One of those groups will be Open Britain Hampstead whose members will be donning purple and green wigs – the colours of the People’s Vote campaign – and carrying banners calling on MPs to give control over Brexit back to the people.

It will be a jamboree and a jubilee but with a serious message. The negotiations over Brexit are a shambles and are in effect being decided by two groups of Tory MPs with a complete disregard and contempt for the concerns of the British people.

A bad Brexit deal will be bad for jobs as employers relocate; bad for consumers as the pound falls again putting up the prices of goods in the shops; and bad for the NHS as hospitals lose desperately-needed EU nurses and doctors.

This not “project fear”, organisations are leaving, prices have risen, and hospitals are reporting staff shortages.

Open Britain members are meeting at 11.20am on Saturday outside Belsize Park tube station to get to central London for the noon start. We would love it if other New Journal readers decided to join us, especially if they come wearing a wig.

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