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Gin-making berry thieves ‘huge problem’ in Regent’s Park

Crab apples and sloe berries raids causing hungry birds to leave

19 October, 2018 — By Tom Foot


PARKS chiefs have warned of a “huge problem” of gin berry and fruit raids in Regent’s Park.

Thieves have been spotted cramming crab apples into bags to make home-made jam and jellies. Berries used to

make sloe gin are also being routinely stripped from branches.

The foraging boom is causing birds to move elsewhere to find food, according to assistant park manager Mark Rowe. He said: “Foraging is a huge problem in The Regent’s

Park. We’ve seen people taking away bags of crab apples to make jam, and stripping branches of sloe berries to make home-made sloe gin. People might think they are only taking small quantities but when dozens of people take wild fruit

away there’s nothing left for resident and migratory birds to eat over winter.

“It’s possible to buy fruit from the supermarkets for home cooking but sadly birds have no other options and have to move elsewhere to feed.”


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