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Fitzrovia gets all the fun…

21 June, 2019 — By The Xtra Diary

Martin Rowson and, right, the new look Cartoon Museum

Ahop, skip and a jump across town from Bloomsbury to Fitzrovia to spy upon the preparations being made for the new home of the marvellous Cartoon Museum.

Fans of this excellent institution will know it has moved from its original venue in the donnish surroundings of Little Russell Street to Wells Street, which has an artistic link, having been home to comic bookshops and publishers down the years.

And here is the good news regarding the move: the CM has been give a 25-year deal by developers Great Portland Estates in a new building where they will not have to pay any rent – a lovely full stop to a saga where the museum, which has had some of the best exhibitions Diary has seen in central London for many a year, had been nearly made homeless because of rent increases in their previous spot.

And what a welcome addition. Bloomsbury’s loss is certainly Fitzrovia’s gain.

Since it opened in 2008, its collection has grown from around 1,500 pieces to 4,200 and includes many a gem. They range from a plate of one of James Gillray’s works to a Beano cover by Dudley D Watkins, and the first ever front page of a newly-formed satirical magazine called Private Eye…

Diary has enjoyed shows such as a feature on political cartoonist and Flook inventor Trog through to Kipper Williams, Martin Rowson, Steve Bell and even Hogarth.

The new place opens to the public on July 1 with a show called Comic Creators, the Famous and The Forgotten, which runs until September.

Diary eagerly awaits the opening night party.

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