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First class post is a let-down for the legal system

05 October, 2018

• THE acquittal of David Beckham in a prosecution for speeding raises questions about the law and its effect.

Decades ago, before the advent of the Crown Prosecution Service, I was a police officer responsible for prosecuting cases involving Notices of Intended Prosecution in relevant cases.

These were dispatched via the recorded delivery system at that time with a required 14-day limit for such service. The system involved the local post office date stamp on police records for proof of service.

It can hardly be progress for the law today to rely on 1st class post – with all its possible failures/losses for what is judged to be acceptable legal service.

If aquittals can arise that turn on the “arrival” of a notice of intended prosecution nowadays, it is yet another example of the law looking foolish and ineffectual.

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