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Finding The Right Bet Calculator

02 January, 2020

A key part of the sports betting process is working out how much money you stand to win if your bet’s successful. For single bets with straightforward odds, determining your payout is easy enough to do. For some of the more complex bets, such as accumulators made up of multiple single bets, you may want to use a bet calculator. The way bet calculators work is simple: you choose a bet type and enter the odds for each selection, as well as your stake; you also input whether each individual selection wins or loses. The calculator will then show you exactly how much money you stand to win and how much of this is profit.

Bet Calculator Variations

A quick online search will show you that there are loads of betting calculators available to use. Finding the right bet calculator can be a challenge. And whilst, they all work in pretty much the same way, some are more advanced than others. If you’re new to sports betting and you’re sticking with simpler bets, a more basic calculator will work just fine for you. If you’re placing several different types of bet and bets with multiple variables, you should use a more advanced calculator.

Bear in mind that not all calculators cover all possible options. The one at 888Sport, for example, covers just under a dozen bet types, while the one at MyBettingSites has 15. Compare these two with AceOdds, which has nearly 30 different bet types covered. Calculators can also vary in the odds format they offer (fractional, decimal or American) and the extra conditions they cover, such as each way, dead heat and rule 4.

Which Bet Calculator To Use

If you’ve already signed up to an online sportsbook, it makes sense to use the sportsbook’s one bet calculator, if there is one. Many major sites such as 888Sport, Paddy Power and Bet Victor, to name a few, have their own bet calculator. The advantage of this is that the calculator should cover all the bet types and various betting options available at the respective sportsbooks.

You may prefer to use a simpler, more straightforward calculator. The one at Pinnacle is a good example. All you do is enter the stake and the odds to find out your potential payout. There’s an option to add odds if you wish to find out the payout for multiple bets. This particular option is good for beginners because it doesn’t overload you with loads of betting types and various options – it keeps things very simple and to the point.

Advantages Of Bet Calculators

Bet calculators are strongly recommended. They’re generally easy to use and produce results in an instant. Use these calculators to see how much money you can win from your bets and decide whether the bets are worth placing. If you decide to work out the payout yourself, there’s a chance you could make a mistake, especially if you’re dealing with a more complex bet. With bet calculators, there aren’t any mistakes, providing you enter all the information correctly, of course. Using bet calculators helps streamline the sports betting process and saves you having to do all sorts of calculations. Try one of the calculators mentioned above and hopefully your bets will pay off!


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