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Famous Bull and Gate pub plans roof terrace

Kentish Town Road Action support change at Victorian gin palace

20 February, 2020 — By Dan Carrier

Designs for the new terrace area

THE owners of one of the borough’s most famous pubs are seeking to create a new outdoor terrace – to hold up to 50 diners into the evening.

Young’s brewers, who own the Bull and Gate pub in Kentish Town, held a public consultation event this week over their plans to use a flat roof at the front of the Grade II-listed building to create a new restaurant area.

The plans would also see parts of the historic first floor altered to allow diners and waiting staff to access the new space.

The pub chain is facing some criticism over the plans, as neighbours say they fear the new terrace will increase noise and anti-social behaviour.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: “Young’s do not have a good track record in looking after our local. When they bought it, they closed the very popular gig space out the back so they could serve up their eye-wateringly expensive roast dinners. They did this in full knowledge of how completely unpopular it was.”

They added: “Now they want to build this terrace, which is right by our bedrooms. They say it would only be used for dining but how will they ensure that? And diners make as much noise as anyone else anyway. This is going to ruin our quality of life in our own homes.”

How the Bull and Gate looks now

Others are supportive of the project, as long as there are strict conditions in place.

Caroline Hill, who chairs the campaign group Kentish Town Road Action, said as long as there were no outdoor heaters or large umbrellas, the plans would not be detrimental to the Victorian gin palace.

How the terrace and fencing would look

She said: “We have discussed the plans with the publican and it won’t be for drinking and smoking, but dining. We are supportive and we understand why they are doing it. The fencing they want to install is in the tradition of the pub and I think it will look all right.”



Ms Hill added: “The only problem may come with the licensing rules. We have said that all drinking outside should end by 10.30pm. “We are concerned about the noise for neighbours, as if it was noisy it could be very disruptive. They will have to control that and have it as a term of their licence.”

A Young’s spokesman said: “We are looking at utilising the existing first-floor balcony as a terrace off the existing first-floor trading space.”

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