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Estate residents campaign for Holcroft statue

09 March, 2018 — By Tom Foot

A SCULPTURE of a writer and revolutionary could be mounted on the wall of an estate named after him.

Thomas Holcroft was one of the first campaigners for universal suffrage and helped Thomas Paine publish the seminal Rights of Man in the late 18th century.

A block in Fitzrovia is named after him and now the Holcroft Residents’ Association is in talks with CityWest Homes and Westminster Council about putting up a suitable sculpture in his memory.

In an email to officers, Denise Julien said: “The residents would raise the money themselves and take responsibility for its maintenance, and retain sufficient funds for the wall to be restored to its original state, should the sculpture need to be removed.”

She suggested, however, that the authorities could be dragging their heels.

Conservative-run Westminster said a planning application would have to be submitted by the residents for the sculpture to be approved.

A CityWest Homes statement said: “We have been actively engaging with a resident regarding their request to erect a plinth of Thomas Holcroft on the façade of Holcroft Court.

“We are currently waiting to receive a revised design and cost of maintaining the plinth from the resident.

“Once the proposal has been received, wider resident support for the proposal will need to be gained, and CityWest Homes will be supporting the resident to consult their community.”

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