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Dotmaster retrospective at Graffik gallery

Street style urban art show in Portobello

11 May, 2018 — By The Xtra Diary


IT has been a pleasure to discover the work of the artist Dotmaster: he has popped up at various West End galleries and his work always inspires, cheers, and makes Diary laugh.

Humour, insight, political know-how, a steady hand, and splendid craftsmanship make his work stand out.

So Diary went westwards to 284 Portobello Road on Saturday to enjoy an opening night party at Graffik, a gallery that specialises in contemporary urban art, to catch the chance to see a range of Dotmaster’s (aka Leon Seesix) work on a wall and in rather lovely surroundings.

It does not disappoint: his is a wonderful range and it is sheer pleasure to see it hung so well.

The Dotmaster’s idea sprang from a group of artist-activists who twisted and turned things round in the 1990s, from putting art in places where it is not usually seen, to approaching their content in a wide-ranging and holistic way. They were behind the worldwide headline grabber Man In A Box, in which they stuffed one of their number in a cube in a Brighton gallery and left him there to starve as gawpers gawped on.

Leon’s work has taken him to the fields on The Unfairground at Glastonbury, working alongside the likes of the Mutoid Waste Company, and it is rather special to see his work on a wall, without accompanying distractions.

So get yourself down to Graffik to see his latest show, a retrospective, with new pieces that celebrates Dotmaster’s extraordinary contribution to contemporary street- style art work.

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