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Don’t put your daughter in an Uber taxi

06 October, 2017

• I AM amazed by the slavish and short-sighted way in which people have just signed up to Uber’s campaign to be reinstated.

Uber is engaged in the gig economy, that is, the uglier side of capitalism. It’s rational, efficient, and we are all familiar with the ultimate implementation of such a business plan, yes, slavery.

No business model has ever topped slavery as the most economic to run and best for bringing in the greatest profit than has slavery; it even has the capacity to advance some of its slaves.

Finally, we owe mayor Sadiq Khan a huge debt for his well-considered forethought with regard to the safety of Uber’s passengers; unlike our trusted black cabs, Uber has a problem which might end up as your daughter’s.

So with the help of Mr Khan and Noël Coward take my advice and “Don’t put your daughter in an Uber taxi Mrs Worthington”, the company haven’t proved it’s safe enough for her.

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