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Don’t get mad, get even

23 September, 2021

Illustration by John Sadler www.johnsadlerillustration.com 

• I HUGELY enjoyed the letter of DA Scott (Beware the phone lines of death, August 26), and totally agree that life is too short to suffer the customer service on offer in Britain today.

I have advice for readers on what to do when you are let down. Do not look at FAQs: it is only a diversionary tactic by management as you know full well they have created the problem and only they can solve it.

Do not contact anyone by phone. You will only be met by people unempowered to solve your problem. You owe it to humanity not to burden them; management have not either trained or given them the authority to own your problem and it is very difficult to play in a team that loses 5-1 every day.

Try web chat, these people have a wider view. Lay it on thick and say you cannot get any response from the front line; do not worry about lying, you are no more accountable than the front line.

You may get an easy route to someone who has the authority and you can take a copy of the conversation if needed for future evidence.

It is very rare that poorly performing companies provide a drop box and or email contact because their incompetence is easily revealed. If they do grab it immediately (more documentary evidence) but do not get your hopes up that resolution results.

As quickly as possible turn all this into a complaint. You are likely to get resolution to your immediate problem but do not believe that the complaint will be examined by management to protect customers from the same thing in future.

It helps if it is a credit card payment to put the payment in dispute. Credit card companies are pretty good and, strangely, the company suddenly becomes efficient.

If it is a utility or finance company go as soon as possible to the ombudsman and do not waste time on the company; again the ombudsman will do nothing about the customer service and justice is barely served.

If you are worried about becoming cynical this is as nothing to the opposition because their only priority is the bottom line, and customer surveys on which their bonus is based.

Above all, for the sake of your mental health, do not get mad but get even.



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