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Don’t deny the democratic will of the people

04 July, 2019

John McDonnell

• SO sad to hear shadow chancellor John McDonnell make a massive contradiction in an interview on Sky’s Sophy Ridge show last Sunday morning.

He said he’s been travelling throughout the United Kingdom to get the views of local people on issues of concern to them, to feed them into Labour Party policy. And he wants local people to be responsible for the decision making and implementation of Labour’s policy.

Then, on the question of the European Union, he wants Labour to campaign for a second referendum and to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. In other words he wants Labour to campaign to nullify the democratic result of the 2016 referendum.

This would mean that the votes of millions of Labour supporters would mean nothing. What would that say about the kind of country we live in, and of John McDonnell’s claim to want local people to have more control?

As Caroline Flint MP said on the BBC Question Time programme last Thursday, if the Labour Party doesn’t deliver for the working class what is it for.

The Labour Party was created to bring democracy to the masses, and people fought and died to achieve that. Those in the Labour Party who seek to nullify a democratic decision in the UK, betray their efforts.

The EU is an utterly undemocratic body, and for some of the Labour Party leaders to want us to be entrapped in such an organisation is a denial of our right to democracy.

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