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DJ Gideon Berger will play tunes at Trump protest

06 July, 2018

DJ Gideön Berger is no stranger to political protest


Has a tourist – and let’s face it, it doesn’t feel like he’s here to really solve the great conundrums of our time – ever been given quite such a welcome as the one that awaits a certain States-side visitor next week?

Diary is, of course, referring to the golf-club swinging, Twitter-ranting faux gold-plated POTUS, whose caravan of crony capitalism touches down in the UK for the weekend on Thursday.

And oh how the West End of London is looking forward to rolling out the red carpet: thousands are expected to gather in Great Portland Street from around noon on Friday to march through the streets, culminating in a rally in Trafalgar Square, uniting to show their opposition to all this man represents…

The march aims to be a peaceful carnival of campaigners, an umbrella for those who find his Stars-and- Stripes-hue’d far right agenda distasteful – and among those due to be part of the protests is Soho Radio, based in Great Windmill Street.

DJ Gideon Berger, who is one half of the double act who curate the amazing Block 9 area at Glastonbury, is a key player at the online broadcaster. He has drawn up a 12-hour DJ rota of immenseness to beam out on Friday.

Part of the musical marathon will be played on the streets, streamed via the mobile Dig It Sound System, with Detroit DJ Seth Troxler due to leap on board and play live as Dig It trundles down to Trafalgar Square.

Gideon is no stranger to such protests.

He cut his early DJ’ing teeth on Reclaim the Streets and anti-Criminal Justice Act protests and his mum was at Greenham Common in the 1980s, so radical politics flows through him like the awesome music he plays.

And he has put together a roster that includes Norman Jay, Sink The Pink, A Guy Called Gerald, Luke Soloman and, of course, himself.

It feels a good fit, too that Soho Radio should be curating such a musical accompaniment as we Londoners politely tell Trump where to get off.

As Soho Radio say, they are “inspired by Soho’s vibrant and diverse culture, we bring together musicians, artists, film-makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe…”

In other words, they stand for everything the current POTUS would no doubt find not to his liking.

Diary knows whose side we’re on…



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