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Diversity is the strength of our capital city

28 June, 2018

• THIS month marks the 70th anniversary of the docking of MV Windrush at Tilbury, and the disembarking of 492 Caribbean men and women to start a new life in the United Kingdom.

The next 23 years saw a generation of Commonwealth citizens take the leap and decide to settle here, with many becoming an integral and invaluable part of our community.

So, at a time when we should be celebrating the huge contribution that the Windrush generation has made to our society, there has instead been widespread outrage over their horrendous treatment at the hands of the home office, under a “hostile environment” policy.

The government’s mishandling of immigration paperwork has led to shocking cases of deportations and Londoners left suddenly and unaccountably destitute.

It was only after a series of chilling personal testimonies were made public that the government finally decided to apologise for their actions.

It has always been the case that our strength as a city is derived from our diversity. During these anniversary celebrations, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and neighbours of the Windrush generation, and pay tribute to how they have enriched our local community.

Labour, North East


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