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David Davis can’t say what will happen after Brexit

23 February, 2018

• DAVID Davis has been reassuring everyone that Brexit won’t result in a deregulated dystopia.

Don’t be fooled. We can, if we wish, take his assurance at face value as regards the day after Brexit, assuming Theresa May and her current team are still in charge at that point.

What Mr Davis can’t do is give any assurance about what would happen under a new team, or after an election. He can’t bind his successors. It is likely that, at the immediate outset of Brexit, things won’t seem so different from the way they are today.

But there will be nothing to stop a new team of arch-deregulators in power soon afterwards from stripping away rights and responsibilities we’ve taken for granted for decades. That’s precisely the prize that so many of them are after.

The only way to be sure of hanging on to all the advances we’ve made in recent decades is to stay in the EU.

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