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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Shadow World; The Sound of Music

11 May, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

A BIG shout out to the people at the Curzon Bloomsbury, who have introduced film shows for people who are hard of hearing – by running subtitles on screen.

Check their website at www.curzoncinemas.com/bloomsbury for details of films being shown with a little bit of extra help. Meanwhile, Bertha Dochouse – the dedicated documentary screen based at the Curzon Bloomsbury – are showing the excellent Shadow World this week.

Directed by Johan Grimonprez and based on the best-selling book by Andrew Feinstein, it tells the story of the multibillion-pound international arms industry.

Their work lays bare the ridiculous economic model that produces machines whose sole use is for murder.

Shadow World will fill you with anger – it is a must watch and highlights the crazy argument that says it’s a form of Keynesian economic investment that provides jobs (it is shown to be wholly inefficient way of spending public money) and accelerates conflicts in the world’s poorest nations while robbing their governments of vital funds to spend on real jobs, infrastructure, food and shelter.

• The Sound of Music is being re-released next week in selected cinemas, having been given a bit of a digital spring clean by Glasgow-based oldie film specialists Park Circus.

Yes, we have all seen it before, but it feels particularly satisfying to be able to watch Christopher Plummer rip a Swastika flag in half with such unmitigated glee, and then take to the stage at an Austrian folk music festival and give it some singing Edelweiss in these politically unpleasant times.


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