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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Monty Python; Emma; Valentine’s films

13 February, 2020 — By Dan Carrier

HEAD up to the fabulous Tufnell Park Film Club above the Lord Palmerston pub in Dartmouth Park Hill on Tuesday. They are showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail, pictured, in tribute to the recently departed Terry Jones, who both directed and starred in the comedy. The film starts at 7.30pm. See www.tufnellparkfilmclub.com/

• Jane Austen’s Emma has already been well mined by filmmakers. Fairly recently we had the 1996 version starring Gwyneth Paltrow, another in 2009 – and then of course the marvellous Clueless, which took Austen’s story and brought it into the modern era. The decade-or-so cycle of a new version coming out is brought to us this time by director Autumn De Wilde – and it’s richly shot and very funny indeed. De Wilde’s take also manages to tease out contemporary meaning without losing the essential thrust of what a giant pain in the backside the strictures of upper-class Georgian society were. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the scheming, match-making young lady born into great privilege, and with a cast that includes Bill Nighy as her father (doing a good Bill Nighy turn in his dandy collars and coats), we follow Emma as she tries to marry off her mates and both fend off and attract plummy-voiced males.

• Fancy a Valentine’s weekend of cosy films? The Prince Charles Cinema, off Leicester Square, have When Harry Met Sally on Saturday evening, followed by Amelie and True Romance on Sunday. Enough to make anyone fall in love again… with film, if not the person accompanying you. See www.princecharlescinema.com


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