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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Brakes; Only The Brave; Predator

09 November, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Only The Brave

GET this in your diary: Highgate writer, actor and director Mercedes Grower’s super film Brakes is out at the end of the month, and it is a gem. Mercedes’ feature is a collection of stories that meld drama, comedy and tragedy as the characters she has created explore affairs of the heart – namely the end of such loves and how they reached the point of no return. Also starring are Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Kerry Fox and Paul McGann, giving it extra quality and charm. The film is out on November 24.

• Only The Brave tells the story of a highly trained team of firefighters who battle wildfires in the USA. With a cast that includes Josh Brolin – a shoo-in for such a role, with his blue collar hero look – Jeff Bridges and Miles Teller, we meet the Granite Mountain Hotshots and follow them through various heat-related perils. Firefighters are selfless public service heroes, and this film translates well. The Hotshots are a team you just have to root for.

• It is the 30th anniversary of the hyper-violent, totally silly yet incredibly watchable Arnie Schwarzenegger movie Predator – and to mark three decades since this peculiar, Ronald Reagan-style fantasy adventure, it is back on the big screen. If you can ignore its politics and think of it as being of a certain time – it has a gang of left-wing revolutionaries being taken out by heroic CIA operatives before an alien intervenes – it has some classic one-liners and, of its genre, is one of the best.


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