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Dan Carrier’s movies news: 3D Terminator, London Symphony

31 August, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

JAMES Cameron faced some criticism when he did a “switcheroo” on his Terminator sequel by making Arnie Schwarzenegger’s killer cyborg from the future a goodie in the follow-up.

Before it was released, Arnie (pictured) said he wasn’t convinced he should take the side of human race-saving heroes Sarah and John Connor, and was worried it would be poorly received.

But what a ride! Arnie’s half-flesh, half-metal character was marvellous as the protector of young rebel leader-to-be and, as sequels go, it’s simply awesome.

Now Cameron has returned to this extraordinary 1991 sci-fi and remastered it to make it 3D. So get yourself down to the biggest cinema screen you can find and watch Terminator 2 all over again, this time with plenty of crashes and bangs flying out across the auditorium.

• LONDON Symphony is a black and white silent film shot across the capital and creating a new portrait of the place we call home.

Produced and directed by Alex Barratt and described as a “poetic journey through the life of a city,” it features some of our neighbourhood’s best known pieces of architecture – the Alexandra and Ainsworth estate in Swiss Cottage, as well as 299 other extraordinary London landmarks.

There are screenings coming up in our patch – including the premiere on September 3 at the Barbican that includes a live performance by the Covent Garden Sinfonia and Q&A sessions with film-makers and residents.

See www.londonsymphfilm.com


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