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Dan Carrier’s movie news: Skate Kitchen; Anchor and Hope

28 September, 2018 — By By Dan Carrier

Skate Kitchen

CONSIDERING how American film-makers are obsessed with drawing on youth cults for subject matter, it feels bizarre that there has never been a truly iconic skateboarding movie made. Nope – it’s been considered as a simply a mode of transport (Back To The Future) or as a weapon (Kids).

The closest I can think of is Grind, the 2003 about boys trying to become pro skaters, but there is little in the way of a fictional exploration of the cult of those who ride boards (I don’t count Dogtown and Z-Boys, as it is was a documentary about 1970s skateboard crews).

In Skate Kitchen, director Crystal Moselle finally creates that film: featuring a group of New York teenage girls who find common cause by dropping ollies and other assorted tricks as they go through growing pains. Camille (Kabrina Adams) finds her life transformed when she meets the gang and discovers a new side to a New York she previously had only known from her suburban perch, and while doing so discovers what friendship is all about.

REGENT’S Canal is the star in the film Anchor and Hope, a London romantic adventure set on our very own inland waterway. Eva and Kat (Oona Chaplin and Natalia Tena) are the pair who have to negotiate their contrasting needs as they wonder if it’s time they should settle down, get baby’d up with the help of a surrogate dad (David Verdaguer), while, of course, negotiating the locks on the canal.


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