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Crowd-funding might be the way to fight nuisance foxes

21 September, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler

• YOUR readers may be interested in my attempts to deal with the nuisance of foxes in Camden.

The foxes live in the neglected garden of a Camden Council property close to where I live. They have littered, there are about seven of them, some have mange, and they roam the streets and gardens hereabouts for food, turning over bins, scattering the contents, and defecating.

Dogs hereabouts bark and yelp at them at all hours. Pest control in Camden tell me they will not deal with foxes: “Dealing with the foxes must be done privately.”

There are certainly enough people suffering the nuisance of these foxes to crowd-fund dealing with them. However, Camden’s system of accessing the housing officer responsible for the property in question doesn’t work “because the system is down”.

I shall keep you up to date with my attempts to deal with this nuisance.

Laurier Road, NW5


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