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Criticism of Labour for anti-Semitism is a smokescreen

24 May, 2018

Donald Trump

• HOW did President Donald Trump deal with the announcement of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th birthday as a nation state?

By sending Robert Jeffress, the pastor who said Jews, Catholics and Mormons are satanic and are going to Hell, to lead a prayer.

The Dallas evangelical pastor has claimed that Hitler was part of God’s plan to return Jews to Israel. What contempt. But it gets worse.

Two weeks ago, unarmed Palestinians threw stones at armed members of the Israeli Defence Force on the border between Palestine and Israel in Gaza. The response was for IDF soldiers to open fire, killing 11 and injuring 64.

The situation escalated, with more than 100 Palestinians killed and 1,000 injured, including an eight-month-old child who was shot.

Many of those participating have been portrayed in the mass media as Hamas terrorists hostile to the state of Israel. You think?

MP Emily Thornberry, having returned from Ramallah, a Palestinian refugee camp in Israel, only two weeks ago, explained that a two-state solution has been nearly mortally damaged by Trump’s decision to move the embassy, combined with the mounting killing of Palestinians by the IDF.

The current campaign to smear Labour as anti-Semitic is designed to use guilt and a twitchy perspective on a controversial issue as a smokescreen to silence any criticism of the government of Israel and IDF as being anti-Semitic.



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